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Mia and the Monsters: The Monsters Learn to Share
Written by Neil ChristopherIllustrated by Sigmundur Thorgeirsson Mia is hoping to spend time with her monster friends, but they are...
Mia and the Monsters: The Monsters Help Out
Written by Neil ChristopherIllustrated by Sigmundur Thorgeirsson Mia knows how important it is to keep the land clean. As Mia...
Things That Move in the Arctic
Level 3 Learn about transportation in the Arctic! This book features traditional and modern ways of getting around in the...
Spencer the Siksik Solves a Problem
Written by Nadia Sammurtok and Shawna ThomsonIllustrated by Valentina Jaskina Spencer is stuck inside on a boring rainy day. As...
Jobs in the Arctic
Illustrated by Amiel SandlandLevel 3 What are some jobs people have in the North? This book features different jobs people...
What I Do at Home
Level 4 What do you do at home? This book uses simple action words to describe what a child does...
Wooden Tray Puzzle - Summer Camp
A tray puzzle featuring a traditional scene illustrated by renowned artist Germaine Arnaktauyok.   Ages 3-5 years old Dimensions 11" x...
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Sometimes I Feel Worried
Written by Nadia SammurtokIllustrated by Amiel Sandland Level 10 Uka likes learning and works very hard in school. But when...
The Birthday Scavenger Hunt
Written by Jenna Bailey-SirkoIllustrated by Thamires Paredes Downloadable activities coming soon! 📝It’s Papatsie’s birthday, and her parents have a big...
Songs to Make You Smile CD
Let’s play and sing in Inuktitut! This collection features songs from Seasons 1 and 2 of Anaana’s Tent sung in...
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