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Author Spotlight: Barbara Adjun

Author Spotlight: Barbara Adjun

We're thrilled to share a new edition of the Inhabit Education Books' Author Spotlight series! We are proud to shine a spotlight on the many creative and talented Indigenous authors and contributors on our team. In these blog posts, you’ll learn about each author’s writing process, the inspiration behind their work, and more.

This Author Spotlight features an interview with Barbara Adjun, the author of new release Berry Picking at Four Mile Bay.

Barbara Adjun is a homemaker. She loves to sew, bake, and cook. Every fall she used to love picking berries and would go every day until snowfall. These days she stays close to home because of a disability she got in 2016, so she loves to hear berry-picking stories from other people. She lives in Kugluktuk, Nunavut.

Learn more about Barbara in our Q&A below!

Author Spotlight: Barbara Adjun

What inspired you to write your book?

I have been wanting to write it for so long, but I always had questions. Can I do it? Who can print it? I wanted something to remember my granny by.

Where is your favourite place to write?

My favourite place to write is at my kitchen table. I love to look out the windows - they're huge! I love looking north and to the east. It's a beautiful view. I love it.

What do you hope to teach readers by sharing this story?

I hope children will read this book and picture in their own mind the work it took to go berry picking long ago. I hope the details in the story help them to see it. I hope to inspire them to write about their own granny and grampa, too!

What was your favourite book as a child?

I remember reading the Dick and Jane series. Those books made reading easy way back when I was just learning how to read.

What memory of berry picking with your family were you most excited to retell or share in your book?

On page 19 of Berry Picking at Four Mile Bay, I describe the beach and the smell of it. I love the smell of the sea! I feel the same about page 22 where I describe the smell of the nuna and the berries. The smell is so nice and sweet. I can just smell the sea and nuna right now!

What would you like to write about next?

I'm planning to write about another childhood memory. I would dedicate it to my dad. He cared for me and my siblings so much. He would do anything for us.

Barbara's book, Berry Picking at Four Mile Bay, is available now.
Berry Picking at Four Mile Bay

Berry Picking at Four Mile Bay
Written by Barbara Adjun
Illustrated by Kagan Mcleod
Ages: 7–9
English Hardcover | $20.95
Inuktitut Paperback | $14.95

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Barbara Adjun - Jul 07, 2022

Go back in time, or just enjoy the story of berry picking, smell the nuna, the berries and the ocean. Read my book!

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