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Author Spotlight: Sherry Blake

Author Spotlight: Sherry Blake

Inhabit Education Books is proud to present our first author spotlight! We are thrilled to be able to highlight the many talented Indigenous authors and contributors in our catalogue. In these profiles, you’ll learn about each author’s writing process, the inspiration behind their work, and more.

Our first spotlight features an interview with Sherry Blake, the author of new release Willy’s New Pup: A Story from Labrador.

Sherry is an Inuk throat singer who performs with the group The Blake Sisters. She grew up in Rigolet, Newfoundland, and now lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She loves watching movies, laughing with her son Marcel, taking care of plants, beadwork, and baking cookies.

Learn more about Sherry in our Q&A below!

Author Feature: Sherry Blake

What inspired you to write Willy's New Pup?

I was listening to my dad talk about how he grew up. I asked him if he wanted me to write a story about it and he said yes. I wrote this book because of him. I wanted to pass on the history of sled dog trainers in our family.

Where is your favourite place to write?

I’ve loved writing since I was eight years old. I started out writing lyrics. To be honest, I can sit anywhere around my home and write! I’m not the type of person who can only write in a certain area. I can pick it up anywhere and start writing. Once I start writing, it drowns everything else out around me. I’m in that zone where nobody can talk to me. That’s just how I am!

What do you hope to teach readers by sharing this story?

I wanted readers to learn and understand history that’s still alive as well as the family traditions. It’s very important for people to know the history of Indigenous culture. A lot of people don’t pay attention to that.

Explain why you think representation is important in children's educational resources and literacy in general.

It’s important for children to know that the culture is still there. It’s still alive. They should get to know who they are, especially if they are Indigenous. If you’re not Indigenous, it’s good to know how Indigenous people live. It’s important for children everywhere to be able to know about living off the land.

What was your favourite book as a child?

“I Love You Forever” comes to mind. If I had to choose, I’d say that one was my favourite. It’s a beautiful book and it’s well written. It does mean a lot now that I’m a mom, too!

Sherry Blake’s book, Willy’s New Pup: A Story from Labrador, is available now.
Willy's New Pup: A Story from Labrador

Willy's New Pup: A Story from Labrador
Written by Sherry Blake
Illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko
Hardcover | Ages 7–9
English ISBN: 978-1-77450-270-9 | $20.95
Inuktitut ISBN: 978-1-77450-271-6 | $14.95

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