Year 1 Emergent Stream | 13801: Intermediate Communication Skills 1 (Inuinnaqtun)

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Tuktu's Journey
Tuktu is lost! He wandered away from his herd and can’t find his way back. What will he do? Follow...
Lighting the Qulliq
Written by Monica IttusardjuatIllustrated by Yong Ling KangLevel 1 How do you light the qulliq? This wordless sequence book shows...
Making Pancakes
Illustrated by Ali HinchLevel 1 This sequence book features a girl preparing pancakes. Colourful illustrations keep students turning the pages...
Trip to the Playground
Level 1 This wordless sequence book features a boy going to the playground, trying out all the different equipment and...
Going to the Library
Illustrated by Anton KotelenetsLevel 1 What can you find at the library? This wordless sequence book features a girl and...