Year 1 Emergent Stream | 13801: Intermediate Communication Skills 1 (Inuktitut)

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Lighting the Qulliq
Level 1 How do you light the qulliq? This wordless sequence book shows a grandmother and granddaughter lighting a qulliq...
Tuktu's Journey
Tuktu is lost! He wandered away from his herd and can’t find his way back. What will he do? Follow...
Making Pancakes
Level 1 This sequence book features a girl preparing pancakes. Colourful illustrations keep students turning the pages to watch the...
Trip to the Playground
Level 1 This wordless sequence book features a boy going to the playground, trying out all the different equipment and...
Going to the Library
Level 1 What can you find at the library? This wordless sequence book features a girl and her mother on...
What Can Ataata Fix?
Kyle lives in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. He is excited for the miniature boat race on Williamson Lake! As Kyle gets...